Volunteer Highlight: Doug T.

12/20/2018 - 6:00pm

Doug has been volunteering with TRU HNC for three years. He first became acquainted with hospice after he tried to get his mother into hospice services near Philadelphia, PA. Doug wears many hats as a volunteer and does patient visits, bereavement follow-up calls, and donation thank you calls. He also helps out each year at the Palisade Peach Event. When asked about his favorite part of volunteering with us he said:

“I enjoy meeting people and hearing their stories.”

When asked about his favorite/most memorable experience while volunteering with HNC, Doug shared:

“I enjoy volunteering for the ‘peaches event’ and seeing the community support for TRU Hospice of Northern Colorado. I hear the same thing during my ‘thank you’ and ‘bereavement follow-up’ calls.”

When we asked Doug what he would tell someone interested in volunteering with HNC, he said:

“If you have any interest, give it a try… at the very least you will learn something about yourself. To paraphrase, you don’t have to do great things - you can do small things in a great way."

Doug grew up outside of Philadelphia, PA and moved by himself at the age of 17 to California where he attended junior college and earned a two-year degree in Police Science. When asked what he did professionally, Doug replied:

“The last ‘official’ job I had was as a team manager on State Farm’s National Catastrophe Team. I also practiced law for a while and worked in the Western History Department of the Denver Public Library.”

In addition to volunteering at TRU HNC, Doug also volunteers at Longmont Humane Society’s Well Pet Clinic as a clinic assistant. When he’s not volunteering, Doug enjoys riding his bicycle, listening to music, reading, and enjoys working with and being around horses. Doug also enjoys traveling in Mexico and learning Spanish.

If you would like to join Doug in the ranks of our amazing volunteers, please contact Reagan Gyorffy at raegangyorffy@trucare.org.

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