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11/21/2016 - 12:29pm

When you have a family member who is terminally ill, where do you turn?

If you’re like many in our community, you turn to TRU Hospice of Northern Colorado.


Because we bring you choices when it seems like there aren’t any. And your generosity gives those choices to everyone who needs them, even if they have no way to pay.  

At TRU HNC, the kind of extraordinary care we think everyone deserves to have is just our ordinary way of doing business. When you donate to TRU HNC, you’ll give friends and neighbors right here in Greeley and in Weld and Larimer Counties the security of knowing they’ll get care that’s respectful, compassionate, and personal. That’s priceless.

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And that’s the kind of care we gave Laura and Tom Hodge when TRU HNC came into their lives in 2014.

Leatherwork Lessons

Laura Hodge worked alongside her husband Tom at The Real Leather Company in Greeley for more than 27 years. The couple created custom leather saddle bags, repaired and altered customers’ items, and even fashioned bespoke chaps for the Greeley Stampede riders.

Leather working is an intense process, and many of their projects required two pairs of hands to get the job done. Stretching leather over a saddle bag frame, for example, requires trusting the material to stretch when it should and being responsive once it does. Their special bond and sense of partnership helped Tom and Laura create leather goods of unparalleled quality that ended up all over the world.

So when Tom needed the kind of expert care we specialize in at TRU Hospice of Northern Colorado, Laura realized they could apply the same lessons that had guided their work all those years to Tom’s care experience.

When Trust Matters, TRU HNC Is There

Tom had advanced metastatic prostate cancer, and he fought for 4 years; when it became clear that Tom needed hospice care, Laura says Tom found the word disturbing at first. But when TRU HNC staff arrived at their home for in-home hospice care to help Tom maintain mobility, strength, balance, and improve his self-care, the couple learned they had a dedicated, experienced care team to lean on.

We created a circle of trust with Tom and Laura, just as we do with every one of the families we care for. When a loved one becomes a hospice patient, we establish a bond with them and help lift some of the burden when that person is approaching the end of life.

Laura says:

I learned to more willingly lean on others, to allow others – hospice staff, family, friends – to assist with Tom’s care – giving him a wider circle to help care for him during his final weeks.

Both Laura and Tom learned to widen their understanding of what it meant to be admitted to hospice care. Working with the TRU HNC hospice care team let Tom and Laura truly bring life into Tom’s final days, leaving the care up to our experienced and dedicated team.

Responsive Care

When Tom’s needs were too much to handle at home, he moved to the TRU HNC inpatient care center, where our staff made sure Laura was comfortable, too. They arranged Tom in his bed and made room so she could slip in beside him. Suddenly this man, who had been so strong, was vulnerable. Staff could see that and were responsive to his pain and to the myriad emotions Laura was feeling, too.

This is the kind of tender, responsive, unparalleled care TRU Hospice of Northern Colorado gives to everyone who needs us. It’s just how we operate every single day.


When it comes to the end of life, what will you know for sure? At TRU Hospice of Northern Colorado, we want you to know that we’re here for you, and for our community, to offer compassionate care and unparalleled experience helping families like yours.

Don’t be afraid to lean on the staff’s expertise. Their goal is to help the person who is dying, and to lift some of the burden of care so you can be more fully present with your loved one.

We are your hometown hospice, and our roots grow deep in this community. We’ve been here since 1978, providing the same quality, trusted, responsive, and unparalleled service you’ve come to know. We realize you have a choice when it comes to end-of-life care, and we are honored you have chosen TRU Hospice of Northern Colorado.

You would never turn away a friend who needed your help, and we don’t either. 

TRU gave Laura the support she needed to be fully present for Tom. She knew that the service we provide for our community could help her move through Tom’s last days with him, trusting in the care he was getting, knowing we’d be responsive to their every need. Your donation to TRU HNC means providing that care to everyone in our community. 

Please consider making a generous donation now.


Laura and Tom Hodge
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